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UAV News

    • Colorado considering 1st limits on drones

      A bill pending in the Colorado Senate would require law enforcement to have a warrant before using a drone, formally called an "unmanned aerial vehicle."  Read More



    Colorado town considering ban on drones Click Here

    Drone industry decries "paralysis" in delayed FAA rule-making process

    The Denver Post

    WASHINGTON — Once it gets off the ground, the emerging drone industry could add as much as $10 billion a year to the U.S. economy — not to mention the possibility of  drone-delivered pizza. But supporters in Colorado and on Capitol Hill say the fledgling business is being stalled by a Washington bureaucracy that likely won't allow widespread drone flights until at least 2017. Read More


  • FAA to publish Draft UAS/UAV Rules by the end of 2014
    Published byUAV Everywhere - 25 Nov 2014

    The FAA has indicated that they are close to completing the preliminary rule making process for commercial UAV/UAS use. Read More